24 de May de 2018




The prevention of climate change is one of humanity’s greatest challenges

BVRio acts on the climatic issue in several ways:

  • Portal of Voluntary Contributions to the Climate;
  • Simulation of the Carbon Market;
  • Development of the Carbon Market for Rio de Janeiro.

In the future,  BVRio plans to promote other types of climate-related mechanisms as well. In particular:

  • The Kyoto Market – CERs (CERs), created by Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects. Latin America is a region with a high concentration of CDM projects and we intend in the future to include contracts for CERs transactions.
  • Voluntary Markets – Credits of voluntary projects, certified by established standards, such as Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) or others that will be recognised internationally
  • REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) – BVRio plans at a future moment to include credit contracts for REDD projects in compliance with Brazilian policy.

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