24 de May de 2018

Solid Waste



The Brazilian National Solid Waste Policy (PNRS) creates the obligation of reverse logistics. It establishes that reverse logistics systems should be implemented for a series of solid waste. Reverse logistics involves the collection and restitution of solid waste to the business sector, and has as final step the adequate environmental disposal of the waste.

According to the legislation, merchants and distributors must collect and return products and packaging to manufacturers or importers. Importers and producers must ensure the final environmentally appropriate destination of the products and packaging received. The environmentally appropriate final disposal activity can, however, be done by specialised companies (recycling companies) duly registered.

To facilitate the fulfilment of the obligations created by the PNRS, BVRio has developed the Reverse Logistics Credits mechanism for packaging (CLRs) (eg. PET, aluminum cans, glass, etc.). Another mechanism developed was the Appropriate Tire Destination Credits (CDA-PN). Soon, Credits for the Adequate Destination of Electronics (CDA-EE) will also be available for trading on the BVRio platform.



Other sectors will be addressed in the future, since the PNRS also requires the reverse logistics of:

  • Lubricating Oils (CDA-OL)
  • Batteries and Chargers (CDA-PB)
  • Agrochemicals (CDA-AT)
  • Fluorescent Lamps (CDA-LF)