BVRio promotes the use of market mechanisms to facilitate compliance with environmental laws

BVRio (Institute BVRio and BVRio Environmental Exchange) was idealised in conjunction with the business sector, public sector and the third sector, based on the view that market mechanisms are efficient instruments for the execution of environmental public policies and promotion of sustainable development.

Environmental legislation worldwide is increasingly introducing obligations to companies and individuals (waste recycling, forest protection, emission reductions, clean supply chains, etc.). By allowing these obligations to be fulfilled through the use of market mechanisms (tradable credits or quotas), greater efficiency and gains can be obtained by the private sector, individuals, and governments. In turn, this results in a better allocation of resources in the economy in general, and benefits for the environment. As a result, this creates a market for Environmental Assets with several benefits:
• greater efficiency in the execution of environmental policies;
• lower costs for companies and individuals to fulfil their obligations;
• lower costs to governments to implement their environmental policies
• sustainable economic development through the implementation of environmental policies (i.e. a green economy)

While originally focused on promoting environmental compliance in Brazil, more recently BVRio expanded its scope and activities to tackle international and global challenges.


BVRio promotes compliance with environmental laws in various sectors

We promote the production and trade of Legal and Certified Timber to fight illegal logging


Sustainable agriculture to promote low deforestation supply chains


Encourage the use of sustainable timber from community forest entreprises through partnership with famous designers


Plastic crediting system to promote the collection, recycling or disposal of plastics and other waste materials


Rural Environmental Registry (CAR), Environmental Reserve Quotas (CRAs), Consolidation of Conservation (UCs)


GHG Emissions Trading simulations and a Market for Voluntary Contributions to Climate


Evaluation of the use of emission quotas of industrial effluents for controlling water pollution

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We were created in 2011 and have already collected several prizes
Katerva Award 2013 – Sustainability
Katerva Award 2013 – Sustainability
Category Economy
In 2013, BVRio received the 2013 Katerva prize in the Economy category. The award, created in 2011 by the British organisation Katerva (which in Latin stands for crowd), receives nominations from a network of international experts who choose the best projects from around the world.
R20 – Regions of Climate Action
R20 – Regions of Climate Action
Climate Action Leader 2014
In October 2014, BVRio was awarded the title of “Climate Action Leader” by the Network of Regions for Climate Action (R20), created by former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Timber Award 2014 – BESC Institute
Timber Award 2014 – BESC Institute
Best Social Organisation 2014
In recognition of the work carried out in the forestry market, in particular the creation of an environmental asset trading platform, BVRio won the Madeira 2014 award from the Besc Institute of Humanities and Economics, in the Social Organisations category.
The Lab: Driving Sustainable Investment
The Lab: Driving Sustainable Investment
Selected for development – 2018
The Responsible Commodities Facility (RCF) project was selected by The Lab – Brazil Lab program – for development. RCF aims to provide financial incentives for soy production on existing deforested and degraded land, discouraging the further expansion of agricultural land in the Brazilian Cerrado.