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PlanaFlor: strategic plan ready to offer policymakers the blueprint for a green new deal for nature-based economic recovery in Brazil

The PlanaFlor project, which aims to propose a national strategic plan for sustainable development in Brazil through the effective implementation of the Forest Code, has completed its first stage.  The project now moves on to the crucial stage of political articulation and engagement with stakeholders identified as key to its implementation, including governments, public and […]

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Development of Brazilian soy Due Diligence system underway

BVRio is using its extensive experience of creating and managing its successful timber due diligence software, to create a new Big Data based service for imports of Brazilian Soy into the UK and EU. The development project, funded by the Waterloo Foundation, aims to address a key cause of deforestation in Brazil; soy production. Brazil […]

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BVRio desenvolve sistema de Due Diligence para a soja brasileira

A BVRio está usando sua ampla experiência na criação e gestão do sistema de due diligence* de madeira para desenvolver um novo serviço para a soja brasileira destinado a importadores do Reino Unido e da União Européia (UE). Com financiamento da Waterloo Foundation, uma instituição de caridade britânica, o objetivo do projeto é contribuir com […]

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