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Pilot project completes with 350+ waste pickers benefitting

Waste won’t wait: How solutions which support informal waste pickers can start to clear the way now for a world without plastic pollution.

Globally there’s an estimated 20 million+ informal waste pickers. An army of recycling experts, picking their way through the rubbish discarded into the environment, as a result of a lack of organised collections, sorting and recycling. Discerning about where they place their effort, waste pickers choose the most valuable waste to collect, sort and redesignate. […]

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Could new plan offer fresh hope for sustainable Brazilian land use?

A new strategic plan sets out a ‘Green New Deal’ for Brazil based on the full implementation of the Forest Code as a vehicle for the country’s sustainable development. The Brazilian Forest Code (Law No. 12651 of 2012), which requires landowners to maintain a specific percentage of native vegetation, has been in existence in some […]


Digitising the waste supply chain in Mozambique & Angola

The KOLEKT app is now in the hands of various different types of users in Mozambique and Angola, as part of the first phase of the study and pilot project to establish if a digital waste management solution could improve waste collection and recycling in Southern Africa. During March and April, Circular Action Director, Thierry […]


Circular Beach Project starts training activities on plastic waste

Throughout May, BVRio’s circular economy specialist, Maria Accioly, has been leading capacity-building workshops for the workers of the establishments participating in the ‘Circular Beach’ project, developed in partnership between the EU programme Circular Plastics in the Americas (CPAP), BVRio, Riotur and Orla Rio. The project’s main objective is to promote sustainable tourism in Rio’s seaside […]


Award for BVRio strategic partner SIM

BVRio strategic partner, SIM’s Responsible Commodities Facility’s Green CRAs fund was named ‘Structured Finance Deal of the Year’ by IFLR (International Financial Law Review). At a ceremony held in New York on 18 May 2023, the award was presented to RCF legal counsel Pinheiro Neto Advogados, TozziniFreire, Clifford Chance and structuring partner Opea (formally Planeta […]


State Forum on Climate Change moves forward low carbon development in Rondonia

This month, the state Government of Rondônia, one of the most deforested places in the Amazon, reached a significant milestone in its agenda to combat deforestation and tackle climate change. Chaired by BVRio’s Beto Mesquita, the milestone decisions were reached at the state’s Forum, the primary vehicle for climate governance for State Policy on Climate […]


Cerrado Programme 1 delivers its first 42,000 tonnes of verified DCF soy

The environmental impact of the first year of the Responsible Commodities Facility Cerrado Programme 1 has been calculated, independently verified and published in the first Annual Report. The inaugural programme delivered 42,400 tonnes of verified deforestation and conversion free soy into the Brazilian supply chain from the 32 participating farms. 8,541 ha of native vegetation […]


Studies that shaped PlanaFlor now available

A collection of twenty preliminary studies contributing to PlanaFlor have been published on the project’s website, making them available for download, ahead of the main plan’s publication later this month. These studies (available in Portuguese only) are the result of a broad diagnosis of the challenges and opportunities of implementing the Forest Code and other […]