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‘Cooperate to Recycle’: project seeks to turn waste into opportunities for workers and recycling market effectiveness

This week, Coopama (Cooperativa Amigos do Meio Ambiente), through the ‘Cooperate to Recycle’ project carried out with technical support from BVRio and funding from Petrobras, began recording the collection of recyclable materials using the KOLEKT waste management app. The app will allow collection activities to be tracked and monitored online, guaranteeing payments and the traceability […]


Annual Report 2023

BVRIO ANNUAL REPORT 23 EN-fin (4) BVRio is a non-profit organisation working at the intersection of economic, environmental and social sustainability. Our mission is to design and promote innovative market-based solutions for the benefit of the economy, the environment and people.


BVRio and INEA sign cooperation agreement to foster environmental policies in Rio de Janeiro

BVRio and the Rio de Janeiro State Environment Institute (INEA) formalised a cooperation agreement to drive the construction of public policies, projects and market mechanisms that accelerate the implementation of environmental laws in the State. The agreement covers crucial areas such as the circular economy, solid waste management, forest protection and climate change. The agreement, […]