Soy Due Diligence System Development

Developing a new Due Diligence and Risk Assessment system to tackle deforestation in Brazil caused by the production of soy.

September, 2022 September, 2024


  • Waterloo Foundation

We are adapting our existing Timber Due Diligence & Risk Assessment System to meet the complex due diligence requirements of soy. The system will have the potential to trace Brazilian soy from its origin to the end-user, and to check that it has been legally produced, enabling informed decision making related to commodity sourcing and supply chains. 

The project is funded by the Waterloo Foundation.

Potential Impact

Soy-related deforestation in Brazil

Brazil is the leading soy producing country in the world, producing 133 million tonnes of soy in 2020. Brazil is also the leading exporter of soy, exporting 99.5 million tonnes of soy in 2018 which accounted for around 42% of all soy exports globally. Since 2000, the area of soy planted in Brazil has doubled, to cover an  area of 34 Mha.  

Concern about this deforestation led to the 2006 Amazon Soy Moratorium – a commitment by traders to avoid the purchase of soy planted on recently deforested land in the Amazon. Whilst the Moratorium has significantly reduced deforestation in the Amazon, there is strong evidence that it also resulted in deforestation activities being shifted to the Cerrado. In the Cerrado’s Matopiba region, over the last decade 0.5–0.8 Mha of soy each year has been planted on recently converted land. Ongoing clearing may reduce precipitation and increase local  temperatures, putting remaining vegetation, livelihoods and continued agricultural production in this region at risk. 

Compliance with legislation

In 2021 the UK and EU proposed new regulations to ensure any forest-risk commodities (including soy) imported into these countries are not linked to deforestation. 

These proposals include a requirement for importers to conduct due diligence of the commodities before placing them in the EU and UK market.

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