BVRio welcomes call for extended Producer Responsibility Schemes

BVRio welcomes the release of a statement and position paper from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation calling for implementation of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes for packaging, which has been backed by over 100 businesses.

The statement (in part) reads: “We recognise that EPR is a necessary part of the solution to create the circular economy for packaging we are aiming for. EPR schemes, through which all industry players that introduce packaging to the market provide funding dedicated to its collecting and processing after use, are the only proven and likely pathways to provide the required funding. Without such policies, packaging collection and recycling is unlikely to be meaningfully scaled and tens of millions of tonnes of packaging will continue to end up in the environment every year.”

BVRio’s Circular Action Hub and recent roll-out of its new KOLEKT app seeks to provide a channel for funding from ERP schemes (or corporates) to the projects and individuals directly involved in the collection and recycling of solid waste. The app makes direct micro-payments of incentives to informal waste pickers possible, including those using feature phones for maximum inclusivity.

Thierry Sanders, Director – Circular Action Hub, commented “We have seen first-hand the beneficial impact that responsible businesses can have on waste collectors worldwide and welcome this statement”