Floresta Hub takes over the AmazoniAtiva platform

Today, on Amazon Day, we are pleased to announce that the AmazoniAtiva platform will be taken forward by a new organisation, securing its future to promote social inclusion of communities and traditional producers in the Amazon region.

Created in 2019, the AmazoniAtiva initiative was designed as part of the climate governance strategy for the state of Rondônia and grew to become a digital hub of solutions for commercialisation and management of the bioeconomy. This platform currently brings together around 70 partners and has benefited more than six thousand people in the nine states that make up the Amazon.

Now the initiative moves on to a new phase, and the AmazoniAtiva brand and platform has been transferred to Floresta Hub, an initiative of Ecoporé, an organization based in Rondônia. The partnership with online shopping platform Americanas Social will be maintained, with the possibility of expanding the number of participating producers and products offered. Founded in 1988, Ecoporé is a non-profit, non-partisan, private Brazilian organisation that works to harmonise people-nature relations, in order to reconcile socioeconomic interests with the conservation of Amazonian biodiversity, guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

It is through Floresta Hub, a start-up dedicated to the development and promotion of the bioeconomy, Ecoporé will assume the operation and management of AmazoniAtiva. We are very grateful for everyone who has purchased our partners’ products and promoted the work of artisans from the Brazilian Amazon. With this new operation, AmazoniAtiva will be even stronger in its mission to connect people, forests and markets.